L’actualité des Learning Analytics : quelques éléments d’un débat

DANIEL PERAYA (Switzerland)


This article reports on a debate conducted in 2019 in the "Débat-discussion" section of the four issues of the journal Distance et Mediation of Knowledge (DMS-DMK). Each year, the section is the site of a thematic debate which opens in the first of the four annual issues with a framing text. It offers a critical review of the recent literature devoted to the chosen theme: it analyzes its potential, the challenges and the prospects, particularly for distance learning. During the following three issues, fellow specialists in the field are invited to react, to debate based on their epistemological positioning, their disciplinary affiliation, their research and their experience. The article presents a synthesis, albeit partial, of the debate that Learning Analytics were the subject of in the review during the year 2019: it focuses on epistemological, methodological and ethical arguments.


Learning Analytics, epistemology, methodology, ethics

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26220/rev.3280

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